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News: Chained Dog Attacks

Laws | Chained Dog Attacks | Cruelty/Neglect/Dogfighting  | Other News

Chained dogs can become aggressive and dangerous due to lack of socialization and the inability to move freely or escape from perceived threats.

Please note that not all chained dogs are aggressive. Some, when rescued, are friendly and able to be placed into loving homes. However, the threat of aggression is always a concern for any dog kept permanently chained.

We do not advocate dogs running freely. Dogs should be kept inside or in a fenced area.

(This page is no longer being updated. Set up a Google alert to get current news stories.)

View our page about children who have recently been injured and killed by chained dogs.

Note: Although some chained dogs are aggressive, others are trainable and able to be rehabilitated and placed into loving homes.


Special Articles and Official Statements

For editorials and statistics from the CDC, AVMA, and USDA, read special articles and official statements that illustrate how chaining is inhumane for dogs and dangerous for people.


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