Doesn't Man's Best Friend Deserve More than Life on a Chain?

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Many people end up at  looking for information on dogfighting. Some Americans have glorified pit bull fighting. We agree with Russell Simmons (see poster), Jason Taylor, boxing champions Lamon Brewster and Sugar Mosley that Cruel's Not Cool.

It is NOT a dog's nature to fight for no reason. In the wild, wolves or dogs may fight over territory. Dgs don't fight just for fun!

Dogs are social animals who - in the wild - hunt together, sleep together, and play together. It is a dog's nature to respect the pack leader and get along with the rest of the pack. Not to fight.

If you think dogfighting is cool: Do you think it's cool when children are abused? Does it make you happy to hear about a kid who was beaten by his dad? Why do you think it's cool to torture and abuse other living creatures? Examine why you think animal cruelty is fun or exciting.

Dogs are not the same as humans. But dogs do feel physical pain. Just because a dog can't say "That hurts!" doesn't mean they don't feel pain.

Dogs suffer loneliness when left chained out by themselves. That's why they howl and bark--to try and get some attention. If an ignored dog stops howling, it's because he's given up hope.

Your dog would rather be in the park fetching toys for you, or running around the yard playing with another dog, than being trained to fight. Just like a child would rather play with friends than be abused.

Have a heart and treat other living and feeling creatures the way you want to be treated: with respect and kindness.



So much cruelty is involved in dogfighting. Dogs are tortured and killed during training and fights. Kittens and puppies are used as "bait". Illegal drugs and weapons are common. Fighting dogs usually live on chains their whole lives.

Dog fighting is a felony, so report it to the police and get a $5,000 reward! You don't have to leave your name. To prosecute, police need to catch a fight while it's going on, find evidence of dogfighting, or get eyewitness accounts. If you hear about an upcoming fight, can provide an eyewitness account, or know where there is evidence (treadmills, injured dogs. etc.) -- please report it!

To learn more about the extreme cruelty of pit bull fighting and to how to stop it, visit:

Humane Society of the US Campaign to End Dogfighting - HSUS offers tons of resources including videos (select "fighting and cruelty" channel), and has created a campaign you can bring to your city to end dogfighting. The site also has PSAs you can order to play in your community. HSUS has worked with Michael Vick to educate kids about the cruelty of dogfighting.

Pit Bulls on the Web

Last Chance for Animals

Animal Legal and Historical Center

The Unexpected Pit Bull

I don't understand how seemingly normal people can watch dogs being tortured and killed and find it fun or even funny. Maybe they believe that dogs enjoy fighting (untrue) and don't feel pain (untrue)? Maybe - like those who abuse women and children - they feel a sense of power from hurting others. Maybe they just don't respect life in any form - animal or human. Our society needs to change minds that dogfighting is not only uncool - it's horrible and needs to stop.

 Guard Dog, from Patrick McDonnell's wonderful comic strip Mutts.

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