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Chained Pit Bull Kills 4 Year Old Oklahoma Boy


A pit bull terrier killed a little boy in Bartlesville Friday. 4-year old Cody Adair was killed by his uncle's dog.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says Friday afternoon at a house on South Seminole, 4 year old Cody Adair was playing alone on the front porch. His mother and siblings, and an uncle were inside.

The uncle's pit bull terrier was in the back yard, chained inside a pen. When Cody wandered into the back yard and got inside the pen - the pit bull terrier attacked and killed him. Bartlesville Police Lt Mike Richardson: "parents, mom were in the house, and he somehow got into the back yard where the dog was. Mom went out to look for, mom and uncle went out to look for him and found him in the back yard."

Cody was transported to Jane Phillips Hospital, but was dead on arrival, with multiple dog bites. The death was front page news in Bartlesville, where Cody's death was the first fatal attack, but just the latest in a string of attacks on children by aggressive dogs. The history has prompted Bartlesville to start requiring licenses for all dogs - and special dangerous dog licenses for dogs with a history of biting.

Bartlesville has always had an ordinance requiring dogs be kept in a fence or on a short leash. The dangerous dog ordinance doesn't take effect until the end of the month. It wouldn't have had an effect on this case, because the dog didn't have a history of biting anyone. Lt Mike Richardson: "We had no, the police had no calls or contact, regarding that dog."

The previous attacks on children have largely been dogs running loose. This one was a family pet, which police were told had never been aggressive.

Cody's funeral is this Thursday at New Harmony Baptist Church east of Bartlesville.