Doesn't Man's Best Friend Deserve More than Life on a Chain?  

20 Ways to Help

Adopt a Rescued Dog

Build Fences

Care for & Train Dogs

Donate Money

Educate Kids

Find Homes for Rescued Dogs

Get Handouts & Merchandise

Learn the Facts

Pass Laws

Stop Dogfighting

Talk to Chained Dog Owners

Watch Celebrity PSAs:


Watch Chaining Presentation

Room to Run: Priceless




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You can keep a dog's BODY alive with just food and water.

To keep a dog's
SPIRIT alive, s/he needs love and attention!

Would you be happy living in one room all your life, with no one to talk to and nothing to do? Of course not. Just as humans enjoy having family and friends, so do dogs.

In the wild, canines live, eat, and sleep with their family. In the absence of other dogs, humans become their "pack." A chained dog feels rejected and doesn't understand why.

It is up to caring people like you to improve the lives of chained dogs. Some think, "It's none of my business." But it is the business of compassionate people to speak up when living creatures are treated like objects. You will feel good about yourself for helping a chained dog!

Here's a happy and hopefully inspiring video about a dog I rescued from a chain in July 2013:



Guard Dog, from Mutts comic strip. Used with permission.

Read a Chained Dog's Story and the inspiring stories of Gus and Cuddles, who were rescued from chains.